Pathwave & Safety LMS announce purpose-built integration for verifying and automating certifications

BRAINERD, MINNESOTA February 14, 2023 Pathwave, a purpose-built tool for the telecom industry, today announced an integration with Safety LMS, a training partner and certification provider for tower climbers and riggers, for verifying and automating certifications in real time. This new collaboration between Pathwave and Safety LMS is the first to provide Certification Verification to the telecommunications industry within a purpose-built tool for crews and their leadership that creates efficiencies for the back office and streamlines certifications for field personnel.

The telecom industry often experiences challenges with fake certifications and missing certifications on tower sites. Properly tracking required certifications, ensuring training and certifications are up to date for personnel, and coordinating upcoming training is challenging and time consuming. Spanning these challenges across organizations and subcontractors, dedicated time is required from busy team members in the back office to ensure qualified personnel are working on tower sites and have the required, accompanying certifications on site and available for site audits at the touch of a button.

“Tracking certifications has its own unique difficulties for each company. Smaller companies typically have the same person tracking certifications, training the crews, bidding sites, working with vendors and balancing the books, while larger companies have to deal with 10+ certifications for 40, 50, 100+ people within the company, making sure they are compliant with each market they are working in and then uploading all of these to the multiple vendor auditing tools that exist in the industry,” said Benjamin Bowman, Director of Business Development for Safety LMS. “The partnership with Pathwave cuts out a significant step in the process by automatically syncing Safety LMS’s certifications direct from their portal with the Pathwave system making sure all certifications are valid and up to date prior to stepping on site each day. Safety LMS is excited for this rollout and for the features coming in the future!”

Now, when telecom contractors utilize Pathwave as a tool to streamline and simplify safety and Safety LMS as a training partner and certification provider, certifications for personnel can be automatically imported into Pathwave’s end to end Certification Management solution, kept up to date, and verified. With Pathwave’s improved safety and compliance, certifications are tied to all job site safety docs and verified in real time.

Sean Kramer, President and CEO of Pathwave said, “We’re excited to have seamlessly integrated Pathwave’s platform with Safety LMS’s certification database. We believe this partnership is a significant step in moving safety forward in our industry.”

Avoiding duplicate data entry and ensuring outdated certifications are never in the field puts telecom contractors at a significant advantage. Defining personnel positions and the required certifications for each position enables tracking for required and missing crew qualifications and certifications by team member position. Reporting and tracking certifications provides advance notice of expiring and missing certifications and enables the ability to efficiently coordinate all hand training.

This new collaboration between Pathwave and Safety LMS enables the telecom industry to combat fraudulent climber cards and fake certifications while benefiting from increased efficiency, better decision-making, cost savings, and improved safety and compliance.


Pathwave is purpose-built software that digitally guides teams and their leadership through all job site related activities in real time, including safety, certifications, and closeout packages. Using the Pathwave platform, telecom teams never miss a safety form, never miss or lose a photo, and efficiently complete complex closeout package requirements. Pathwave brings safety and closeouts into a single platform that integrates safety at the basis of operations with shareable closeout packages tailored for each job. Teams coast to coast use Pathwave to provide simple experiences that crews love while meeting the challenges telecom crews face each day. Pathwave is building the modern platform for telecom teams to transform safety and closeout deliverables. For more information, visit


Safety LMS is a company built with the tower climber, or rigger, in mind. Every member of our team has experience in the tower industry, and, our curriculum is written and developed by subject matter experts with several decades of proven safe climbing experience on Self-Support Towers, Guyed Towers, Monopoles, Rooftops, Buildings, and non-standard structures. Training must continually evolve as the standards that govern our industry change. Our commitment to our customers is that we will update our courses any time there is an applicable change to a regulation or industry standard. We view each training class as a valuable opportunity to reduce the number of climbing accidents, prevent an injury, and in some cases, save a life. At the end of the day – Our goal is zero accidents. We offer both open enrollment and hosted training courses at your locations. For more information about Safety LMS and the training courses we offer please visit our website


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