Successful utilization for SAC Wireless of Pathwave’s safety program and closeouts

ILLINOIS and MINNESOTA February 20, 2023 SAC Wireless selected Pathwave, a purpose-built software tool for the telecom industry, a year ago to assist SAC’s Safety Program and efficiently generate closeout packages.

SAC Wireless, a Nokia company, offers services to support major network builds, 5G LTE upgrades and indoor/outdoor small cell and distributed antenna systems (DAS) deployments. SAC works with telecom carriers and major tower owners across the United States. SAC Wireless partnered with Pathwave to easily and intuitively document and record job site JHAs, safety audits, inspections, and track certifications. SAC Wireless has seamlessly connected the field to the back office using Pathwave with real time data. Pathwave provided a software value above SAC Wireless’ expectations, in which Pathwave’s software solution simplified SAC’s safety program, with job photos and closeout packages.

Sean Kramer, President and CEO of Pathwave said, “SAC values a 100% Safe workplace so that everyone goes home safely at the end of the day and we’re proud to partner with SAC closely and support their safety processes. By utilizing Pathwave to manage SAC’s Safety Program and generate closeout packages, SAC is able to improve accuracy and efficiency in the field and ensure accountability and transparency for their Safety Program.”


Pathwave is purpose-built software that digitally guides teams and their leadership through all job site related activities in real time, including safety, certifications, and closeout packages. Using the Pathwave platform, telecom teams never miss a safety form, never miss or lose a photo, and efficiently complete complex closeout package requirements. Pathwave brings safety and closeouts into a single platform that integrates safety at the basis of operations with shareable closeout packages tailored for each job. Teams coast to coast use Pathwave to provide simple experiences that crews love while meeting the challenges telecom crews face each day. Pathwave is building the modern platform for telecom teams to transform safety and closeout deliverables. For more information, visit


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